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The Best Cape Cod Fishing Charters

If you have ever been to Mass, you would know that seafood is our pride and joy. One of the reasons for this is the perfect fishing opportunities you can find all over the state–especially off Cape Cod! People come here from all over to experience a true fishing experience on a fishing charter.

With so many to choose from, it may be difficult to solidify your fishing plans. This is what we are here for! We'll make sure your fishing expeditions aren't as choppy and confusing as the ocean can be.  
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Massachusetts Fishing License

Do I need a fishing license for charter fishing off Cape Cod?

According to Massachusetts law, you must have a saltwater fishing license even if you are fishing in the ocean. Luckily, Massachusetts has some of the most affordable licenses out there.


Saltwater Fishing Permit (ages 16 - 59): $10
Saltwater Fishing Permit (60+): FREE, but you still need to file for a license.

There is no difference in cost for residents or non-residents. Additionally, if you already have a fishing license for Connecticut, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island, you don't need a Massachusetts license.

Find your fishing license by clicking the button below!

Affordable Fishing Charters

These are a few of the standout fishing charters you'll be able to find. None of them are too far from Handkerchief Shoals, so you should be able to find something even if you are taxi-ing around!

Tuna fishing is likely to drive your charter up, and more cost-effective fishing will keep you on a bigger boat.
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Monomoy Sportfishing

Address: 391 Barn Hill Rd, Chatham

Distance from Handkerchief Shoals: 8 minutes

Hours: 5AM - 7PM

$700, but doubles if you go on a tuna fishing trip

Helen H Deep Sea Fishing

Address: 137 Pleasant St, Hyannis

Distance from Handkerchief Shoals: 25-minutes

Hours: 7AM - 6PM

Cost: $200 - $500 

Bass River Charters

Address: 10 Pleasant St, South Yarmouth

Distance from Handkerchief Shoals: 10 minutes

Hours: Open 24 Hours

Cost: $650 -$1200 depending on how long you fish and what for.

Cape Cod Offshore

Address: 377 Sesuit Neck Rd, South Dennis, MA

Distance from Handkerchief Shoals: 22 minutes

$750 - $800 for striped bass and bluefin
$1500 for tuna or shark trips

Albatross Fishing

Address: 351 Sesuit Neck Rd, East Dennis

Distance from Handkerchief Shoals: 20 minutes

Hours: 8:30AM - 5PM

Parking: $10
Adults (12+): $55
Children (under 12): $50

Miss Savannah Fishing Charters

Address: 140 MA-28, West Dennis
Distance from Handkerchief Shoals: 14 minutes

Striped Bass, Seabass, Porgy
5 Hours: $675
6 Hours: $750

Tuna / Shark
12 Hours: $1500

And that is our guide to Cape Cod Deep Sea Fishing! We hope we have answered a few of your questions, and are thrilled to take care of you at the Handkerchief Shoals Inn.